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Postcards from Medina, Wisconsin

Here are some of the postcards from our personal collection. Medina has been around since 1851. Most of these pictures were probably taken around 1905. Enjoy!

                            What is now the Medina Wedding Chapel started out as the Medina Methodist Church. It was built in 1875. The Methodist congregation lasted until 1970. Then the building was abandoned and it was unoccupied until 1994, when my wife and I bought it and restored it.

Here is a postcard with a view looking west. Notice that Highway 96 was a dirt road. You can see the church in the background.
Here is a view of the intersection of Highway 96 and County Hwy. M, looking towards the Northwest. Notice the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car!
Here is a picture of a school house that used to be across from the church on Highway 96 in Medina. It is no longer standing.
The Medina Opera House was built in 1898. It was destroyed in a fire in 1927.
Here is a look from County Hwy. M looking north. The building right in the center (white) in now Perk’s Supper Club. There is a horse and buggy parked next to that building in this 1905 picture.
Here is a postcard of the chapel looking east. The houses in the picture are still here; they just look a little different.
Here is a look down Highway 96 heading east. The building to the right is what is now Perk’s Supper Club. This is the intersection of Highway 96 and County Hwy. M.

A Look at downtown Medina, at the intersection of County M and Highway 96.  This would be looking north on M.