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To see a gallery of pictures of some of the couples married at the Medina Wedding Chapel, click on one of the following links

Chapel Couples 2002     Chapel Couples 2003    Chapel Couples 2004    Chapel Couples 2005     Chapel Couples 2006

Chapel Couples 2007     Chapel Couples 2008    Chapel Couples 2009    Chapel Couples 2010     Chapel  Couples 2011

Chapel Couples 2012    Chapel Couples 2013     Chapel Couples 2014    Chapel Couples 2015     Chapel Couples 2016

Chapel Couples 2017    Chapel Couples 2018 



A summer view of the 1875 chapel.

The gazebo has been very popular for pictures after your ceremony. The  gazebo features outdoor speakers and is adorned with many flowers.


An inside  look at the chapel. Wood floors, oak pews, and the ability to customize your  wedding make our 1875 chapel the perfect wedding place.


Unity Sand Frames

The Unity Sand Frame has been very popular lately.  The top open up, and during the wedding the couple pours in the sand color of their choice.  After the wedding, we print out a picture and insert it in the frame. When you leave the chapel on the wedding day, it all ready for you.  The brown sand frames are $40 and the black one are $30.

These 3 piece unity candle sets are available for your wedding

Make your stroll down the aisle as memorable as the rest of the wedding celebration with this elegant white aisle runner.

Two candles  are setup in each window. Window candles are a great option for evening candlelight weddings.

The back altar of the Chapel can be changed to three different looks (standard, gold, or white).

You may choose from any of these five pew bow decorations currently available for your wedding.  Or, you may bring in your own.

Oct 2013